iPhone Ringtone Maker

It is really convenient to hold a iPhone on hand, isn't it ? iPhone's powerful multi-media functions and accessible internet tool really impressed a lot of people, you can check some really good collection of iPhone's at Ecycle Best . So have you been thinking of changing your old iPhone ringtone to a more popular songs? Is it a headache for you to a right iPhone Ringtone making tool? If, all the two answers of You are Yes, Please be patient to read all the article, for this arctile brings you a wonderful iPhone Ringtones Making software and new style of changing iPhone Ringtones.

iPhone Ringtones Maker is a easy software for you to handle. You just need a few clicks, then your iPhone ringtones is created directly on your iPhone. iPhone Ringtones Maker supports lots of video and audio formats that pay ways to your making fantastic and impressive ringtones. Such as MPEG, WMV, MP4, DivX, MOV, RM, AAC, WMA, MP3, it is really a big range, isn't it? Besides that, you are allowed to trim your video length to cut off any parts you dislike. Export to iPhone functions is really marvellous, you can transfer your created new ringtone to your iPhone directly. In all, iPhone Ringtones Maker is just made for U, which will definitely make your friends calling all the time for your fantastic ringtones!!

Tutorial guide of how to make iPhone Ringtones:

Step 1: Download and install iPhone Ringtones Maker, double click to lauch it, see the screen just like this:

iphone ringtones maker

Step 2: Click Browse button to load video that you want to use on your iPhone.

make iphone ringtones

Step 3: Click browse Browse button to set output folder. You can check Exprot to iPhone button, which can transfer your converted music to your iPhone Directly.

how to make iphone ringtones

Step 4: Click generateGenerate button to start making iPhone Ringtones. Just a second, your fantastice ringtone is made.

iphone ringtone maker

Well, iPhone Ringtones Maker is a praticle and professional software which is really wort